Specializing in Concrete Landscape Curbing for
 Residential and Commercial Landscapes

Locally Owned and Operated Since 1999

Since 1999, Amark Property Solutions has been installing quality designed landscape curbing for homeowners and commercial contractors. It is considered by many past and present clients to provide exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Mark Arnsdorff, owner and operator, prides himself on quality craftsmanship. He designs and implements every installation of landscape curbing and provides one-on-one customer service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Amark Property Solutions is truly a locally-owned and operated business.

Amark Property Solutions specializes in custom designed concrete landscape curbing. Landscape Curbing is an easy way to enhance the beauty of your home and yard as well as improve itís monetary appeal. Curbing is a permanent concrete border that is durable as well as a functional way to edge your landscaping. It saves countless hours of edging, trimming and weeding time and is an effective root barrier, that will keep mulch in and grass out. Itís maintenance free.

Landscape curbing is more attractive than traditional methods. It can be designed to compliment the exterior of any home or business. Our curbing comes in a multitude of colors, shape patterns and textures. Its flexibility enables curves, turns, contours and straight lines. Curbing can be installed around trees, flowerbeds, sidewalks and just about anywhere youíd like it. It adds curb appeal that is unsurpassed by any other edging product.  Installation is fast, clean and efficient. Most jobs are completed in one day.


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