Why should you have curbing?

Low Upkeep - Individual segments of blocks or bricks shift, settle and work their way loose over time.  Grass can also grow between the segments, making lawn maintenance difficult and time-consuming.

Resists Pests - Lumber-based edging rots and decays over time, providing a haven for termites and other pests.

Safe for your Yard - Children can run and play without fear of stepping on metal or plastic edging.  Concrete curbing will endure endless abuse of children and pets alike.

Professional Landscaping - Decorative landscape curbing adds a professional, custom landscape look and feel to any residential or commercial lawn.

Permanent - Concrete curbing is a continuous border that will not shift or settle like bricks and other segment-based edging materials.

Reduces Lawn Work - Concrete provides a durable, permanent, root barrier that will keep mulch in and grass out.



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